Service lines

We help to address the challenges from the data collection up to planning and execution.

Market research

With the help of our information, your company will be able to identify promising market niches, to focus its position and develop an applied strategy for entering the Russian market.

Counterparty analysis

We will help you to assess counterparty's reliability and business reputation, as well as the size of a business.

Advice on trade regulation and direct investments

We gather information on regulatory approaches and practices in Russia and we share them with our foreign customers.

Advice on taxation

The Federal tax service of Russia isn't staying away from the OECD trends aimed at transparency and combating abuse of rights (BEPS plan).

Transaction and deal support

We support trade and investment transactions with counterparties of Russia. We search for partners, buyers, and objectives for absorption.

Support of operations

We will support your company in Russia within 2 areas of outsourcing service: Legal support of operations and Representing interests.


Aleksei Vlasov - regional manager
Phone: +7 9218761261