Market research

Entering new markets, the company faces many unknowns. This is due to market structure differences, different cultural background and regulatory approaches.

Access to such information is the basis for a successful strategy. Analysts of our company use public, paid and private information sources to collect data on the market and competitors. The conduct desk review, interviews and focus groups.

The russian market analysis

  • Market segmentation
  • Value chain
  • Trends and drivers
  • Market structure
  • Market capacity and dynamics
  • Market/product fit

Competitive analysis

  • Competitive environment
  • Key players
  • Market participants interaction schemes
  • Critical success factors
  • Mystery shopper

Consumer's study

  • Consumer preferences
  • Customer profiling
  • Customer satisfaction level assessment

With the help of our information, your company will be able to identify promising market niches, to focus its position and develop an applied strategy for entering the Russian market.


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