Counterparty analysis

People are a key resource for the successful market penetration, and the Russian market is no exception. Hired staff, partners, buyers and contractors are those people who either determine the success of your endeavor, or ruin any elaborate strategy.

We will help you to assess counterparty's reliability and business reputation, as well as the size of a business.

Checks on individuals

  • Tax and duties debts
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Arrears
  • Credit history
  • Participation in organizations and affiliates
  • Asset tracing
  • Public and non-public information

Checks on businesses

  • Accounting and tax reporting data
  • Owners and governing bodies
  • Ties to affiliates and individuals
  • Legal actions, arbitration, bankruptcy, reorganization, winding-up
  • Presence of unfair suppliers in the register
  • Inspection for determining physical presence at the location address
  • Asset tracing
  • Public and non-public information


Aleksei Vlasov - regional manager
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