Advice on trade regulation and direct investments

To operate in Russia, a foreign company must bring its business practices in line with the regulatory requirements of the EAEU (the common economic space of the participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia) and the Russian Federation.

We gather information on regulatory approaches and practices in Russia and we share them with our foreign customers.

Trade regulation

Russia joined the WTO in 2012 and is gradually opening its markets, reducing tariffs on a wide range of nomenclature. At the same time, in the framework of the EAEU, Russia coordinates trade within the common customs territory of the participating countries.

In 2018, the new customs legislation of the EAEU came into force. It describes new approaches to the implementation of customs control measures, customs procedures and methods of declaring goods.

Due to the active integration of customs and tax authorities, as well as to the introduction of electronic declaration systems, "the post-release control of goods" becomes the main way of customs control. The process of customs clearance is being significantly accelerated, while the customs value adjustment is being made not at the time of customs clearance, but in future periods based on the analysis of goods movement chains.

We will help you to understand the international trade regulation in Russia.

Areas of advisory services

  • Tariff and non-tariff regulation in the EAEU
  • Currency regulation and foreign exchange controls
  • Technical regulation
  • Import licensing
  • The Russian Federation's trade sanctions
  • Countering money-laundering

Foreign investments regulation

The national legislation of Russia and international treaties are the basis of foreign investments regulation. The Russian Federation is one of the leaders in the number of bilateral treaties on the mutual protection of investments.

The foreign investor’s activities are protected by the national legislation. The Russian Federation applies incentives in the form of state guarantees and tax benefits to foreign investors, as well as restricts foreign capital right of entry to the strategic sectors of the economy.

We advise our clients in the following areas related to investing in the Russian economy.

Areas of advisory services

  • Foreign investments regulation in Russia: incentives and restrictions
  • Regulation of recruitment
  • Anti-monopoly regulation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Repatriation of proceeds


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